My game randomly crashes on some devices why ? and how do i fix ?

I tried my (android) game on some devices and it ramdomly crashes when you play the game.
i tried it on
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) - CRASHES
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime - CRASHES
Samsung Galaxy S6 - DOES NOT CRASH
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini - DOES NOT CRASH
and i dont know why… for example on Core Prime it crashes fast when you open the game you can play for like 1 min and it crashes. on j5 2016 it takes more time to crash but still crashes. on the other two it does not crash at all. and s3 mini is an old device and my j5 is new though.
At first it didnt crash . but now it seems like i cant fix it . Please help!
i think it is a memory error or something i dont know .

… comm=“UnityMain” reason=“memory violation” sig=11 …