My game weight very very much


I have a question. My game weighs a lot but it is a rather simple game and I should not weigh enough Other powerful game have a small weight (200-300MB)and although it is my amateur project (small)weighed after saving more than 1GB. What is wrong?

When you create a build, Unity writes detailed build statistics to the editor log file. To open the editor log just click the “Open Editor Log” button at the top right of your console window. Keep in mind that the log file is created per editor session, so if you used the editor for some time and already created several builds the log will be quite long, so make sure you inspect the right (last) statistics. Unity will list all assets which has been included in your build sorted by uncompressed size in decending order.

If you have very high resolution Textures or Images or any large Assets in your Project it will take up alot of room to package them with your Game.

Consider removing any unnecessary Assets from your Project, especialy ones you dont use anymore or ones that are out of date.

You could also consider reducing the Resolution and overall size of Textures and Images to further reduce their impact on storage capacity.

But your game is designed to which platform? This size is the size of the Unity project?

A recently game that I launched have Unity project size about 800mb. In the App Store, the game have about 22mb and in Google Play, about 10mb.

From what I know, unused files in your assets folder is not passed with your build game.

the same happens to me…

consider removing unused assets…
calculate the amount of MB of your Resources folder (all your sound, textures, models, materials, etc)… if that folder uses 1GB, then yep, you must to use lower texture resolution, compressed audio format, etc., but if it is considerably lower, then there is an asset that is disturbing you…

It is happening to me as well.
I’m developing a 2D game for IOS, instead of using mp4 videos I’m using PNG sequences.
on of the sequence is about 40 MB, somehow after I’m archiving the build with Xcode the delta with is about 2GB.
How on earth is it possible that 40MB of pictures will increase the build size by 2GB??

Same issue I am facing right now where I am creating a game for the androids users and I cannot use jpeg images because it is making my app weight a lot more that I have thought of it. How is it possible that an image of the size of just2.5 MB increases the build size of my app to 3 GB.

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