My GUIText can not appear on the game view

The GUIText that I setup for the space shooter game can not appear. I follow exactly as the tutorial mentions. I attached the picture which describe this problem.
I think that the cause is the obsolete status of GUIText function.

Please help.

Yes, as the inspector says the GUI Text component is Depreciated, and should not be used in the latest versions of Unity. I found this short tutorial going over the newer TextMeshPro component: How to make CRISP TEXT in Unity - YouTube. Brackeys is generally a good place to go for more up to date Unity tutorials. Note that you don’t need to import TextMeshPro from the asset store as it now comes standard with Unity. It probably won’t work 1 to 1 with old programming for GUI Text, but it’s a start at least, hope that helps!

Thanks a lot. I try it out.