My hands appear really far away,My hands appear really far off in the distance

I’m using an Oculus Quest in VR and I followed a tutorial to make some hands which work, but they are really far away from the player. Does anyone know why this would be? This is the tutorial I followed: Introduction to VR in Unity - PART 1 : VR SETUP - YouTube

Thanks!,I followed a youtube tutorial because I just started Unity and I tried to make some hands, they work but are just really far away from the player, I have no idea why this would be. Btw I’m using VR on an Oculus Quest if that helps.

A few possible things to look at:
Do you need to reset any tracking with the Quest? If other application have the hands in the right place this is not the issue.
More likely you have accidentally moved the camera or player head in Unity causing the issue, or you have more then one camera?

I however work with Valve and Index not Oculas so I could be off but it shouldn’t be too different.

Double check that your controller prefab and the shape itself have their position set to 0,0,0. I had this issue and was only checking the cubes position and not its parents.,I had this issue as well. go to your prefab and make sure the position on the cube itself and the game object (controller and cube in that tutorial) are set to 0,0,0.