"My inbox" always opens in new browser tab

When I click “My Inbox” in the left menu it opens the section in a new browser tab. Most likely it’s a bug, as it’s annoying and I can’t see any reasoning for that. It should open the section in the current browser tab. Anyways users may click it with the middle button anytime to open it in a new tab.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thats the default behaviour for links, you can however change it in preferences → interface

Yes, I understand that for external links, but I’m referring to the “My inbox” item in the main menu:


This is the only item in the menu that opens in a new tab by default. All other items open in the same browser tab, which is inconsistent as it disrupts the navigation within the site.

Thats a bug then…we will investigate… thanks…hopefully you like the site despite that …

Absolutely! I’ve just started using it and I’m already loving it. :slight_smile: My feedback is just to improve and polish the experience with it.

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Thank you very much

Quick update on the matter. Discourse recognize it as a bug and already have a potential fix in review: FIX: Correctly intercept `<a href target="_self"` by davidtaylorhq · Pull Request #22077 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I’ve just noticed this issue has been fixed. Now the “My Inbox” link opens in the current tab as expected. Thank you!