My jump scripit wont work. i have been tryingtt o make it work for an eternity. please help.

This is my scrpit

using System.Collections; 
using  System.Collections.Generic;
 using UnityEngine;

public class Jump : MonoBehaviour

     private bool jumping = false;

public float jumpHeight;   

public Rigidbody2D rb3;

    private void FIxedUpdate()
       if (Input.GetKey("w") & ( jumping = false))
            rb3.AddForce(new Vector2(0,  10 * Time.deltaTime),
             // jumping = true;

i really dont know what is wrong with it i looked verywhere and i cant find an answer. Please help.

FIxedUpdate has to be FixedUpdate

& has to be the conditional logical AND operator expressed like so && and in the same condition you are trying to check if jumping is equal to false and not using the equality operator. This jumping = false has to be expressed like this jumping == false Or shorthand like this !jumping