my last build of alien shooter - Shoot 'em up

Hi all,
I'd like to ask you if someone would like to test my last prototype or if you have any tips where to get some feedbacks on it?
I was thining if there is any game community which would like to test and Unity community seem to be closest.

Here you can download build

and here is help as well

Btw. here is short video of gameplay to know what Im talking about (but it hasn't best quality).

Thank you for any feedback :)


Love the concept of switching between walking person, tank, airplane and spider!
Kind of reminds me of an old Nintendo side scroller where you switch from a robot into an airplane.

It has a lot of potential, would love to see how it turns out.

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thanks but still Im not sure about gameplay, sometimes I get different opinions about it.

Just downloaded it and gave it a go, as I said before I still think the concept is great but you probably need to focus on making a solid 20 seconds gameplay and start from there.

Start with just one type of shooter, I mean to keep switching the player type after you have first perfected one type, a very basic shmup to perfect the movement, mechanics, bullet rates etc..

Trying to prototype a game with all 4 different shooters is going to be tough, it's hard enough with one type! Any small changes to the mechanics can make a huge change to a Shmup game feel, just changing the hit box size and movement speed makes everything different. Balancing a single Shmup level to be both rewarding and challenging is not easy and takes more time than one thinks, it looks simple but it is quite a challenge because in a Shmup game you are dealing with pure continuous gameplay while in other types of games, graphics and decoratives can take away some of the pressure of providing constant balanced challenges to the player.

Thank you for your feedback, very I'm appreciated a lot! ;)

Many people complain about not-rotating turrets (they would like to have an option to rotate with it to aim enemies) but then is more twin stick game then Shmup game.

How did you feel difference between vehicles (frontal shooting) vs aliens (where do you need come near to the enemy to attack + you can attack even backward)?

I have very little experience making games, just few builds here and there so you don't need to mind any of my feedback.

But if I want to go about it I would just create a single solid level with just the person shooting, and in that to try to establish difficulty progression, some sort of boss, or to establish the differences between the enemies behavior more, so that for example the waves are more defined, and I might even start to prototype more of the level graphics, so that each level has more of a personality and progression inside the level, but I come from a 3D art background so I am more inclined towards graphics.

I might even go as far as first trying to perfect, just the shooting person for example with one enemy type, and how that enemy should be balanced out to make it challenging yet rewarding and how the waves should come before moving to another type of enemies, mixing different waves of enemies or testing other types of player (tank, airplane, alien etc..)

Trying to balance a level with all of the different types the player can choose from and all the different enemies is going to be tough.

Changing that rotating turret thing is going to completely change your game! I am not sure If I would go that direction, it's just a completely different game play that you will need to balance out in your levels, it is something that you must decide from the beginning.

Hi! I gave your build a try. I liked it. My feedback:

1) I like the graphics and art style, at the moment it feels like an endless runner is this the intent? If not maybe add in a few more "landmark" background models.
2) The idea of capturing / controlling enemies is novel and interesting however I would not have picked up on this from the UI by itself - the mechanic of earning alien points then spending them to be able to control enemies wasnt immediately obvious. Maybe on the gameover screen you could add a notification "enemy tank is now available for purchase!"
3) I like the sound effects however perhaps the balance of effects and background music could be looked at
4) Performance was very good on my machine (mobile 1070, i7 CPU), however I did have one hard crash, I can PM you the log if you like

All the best with your project!

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Hi thanks you both.
Yesterday I played my older vesion of this game, where I have "twin stick" control (move on keyboard and aim with mouse). In this case I had feeling that maybe this could be an interesting approach too.

Yes all units are placeholders, sound the same and even tutorial is missing. My idea was to test it with more people before to do all this stuff around. If in case is not good at all, I'll not spend so much time on it. :)

jamespaterson if you can send me the log I'll be happy ;)

thanks guys :)


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Hi @Marvoc . Just to let you know I had a quick try to send you the log file but the private message option didnt seem to be available. i think you might need a bit more activity on the forum before this is available. Not sure if you can open a PM with me but if you can please do so . Failing that if you have e.g. an email address I could send here.