My level is too large in scale. How can i down size it?

I’m new to unity and basically, I have level of a retail park near completion. But from somebody’s say so I changed the scale factor of each imported mesh to 1.0, instead of the default 0.01.

So now my problem is that my level is technically HUUGE. The terrain tools default size is about the size of a sandbox, flythrough mode is extremely slow and default decal size is about the size of a pea.

Is there anyway I can downsize the scale of the entire scene,whilst keeping the position of each asset relative to each other. Highlighting everything and scaling obviously just scale each asset to its own pivot.

I typically use .5 or .2 seems to be correct also where are you importing from some 3d applications handle size completely different. Most 3d software offer the abilty to change the settings so you have a general knowledge of size.

Hope this helps if not re-import using the various settings or check your 3d application

Unity’s measurement system has 1 unit being 1 metre long (just over 3 feet). So, in your imported mesh, figure out how long 1 metre would be. From that, you can figure out how big your import should actually be.

I had the same requirement so i wrote a plugin to do this exact thing - its called MultiAsset Scaler and its in the Asset store now.