My Load function has the correct value stored but setting a value to the stored value fails?

I have a slider that shows the sun’s position in the sky (basically a clock).

	public class Zeitsteuerung : MonoBehaviour
	public Slider TagesSlider;

	private void Awake()
		// TagesSlider.value = 0; This didn't change anything)
		Debug.Log("Tagesslider Value1: " + TagesSlider.value);
		Debug.Log("Tagesslider Value2: " + TagesSlider.value);

	private void Update()
		TagesSlider.value += Time.deltaTime;
		if (TagesSlider.value == TagesSlider.maxValue)

	private void OnDestroy()
		Debug.Log("Tagesslider Value3: " + TagesSlider.value);

The save and load function both show (via Debug.Log) that they saved the correct value of TagesSlider.value. This is the Load function:

public void LoadSonnenstand (Zeitsteuerung zeitsteuerung)
		SonnenstandSaveData data = ItemSaveIO.LoadSonnenstand(SonnenStandDataFileName);
		Debug.Log("1: " + data.sonnenstand);
		zeitsteuerung.TagesSlider.value = data.sonnenstand;
		Debug.Log("2: " + zeitsteuerung.TagesSlider.value);

These are the messages from Debug.Log, in order:
Tagesslider value1: 0

1: 1,711

2: 1

Tagesslider Value2: 1

Sonnenstand in Save: 17,30009
Tagesslider value3: 17,30009

When I restart, I get teh correct value in data.sonnenstand, but it somehow doesn’t get transferred:

zeitsteuerung.TagesSlider.value = data.sonnenstand;

seemingly doesn’t set zeitsteuerung.TagesSlider.value to data.sonnenstand and I don’t understand why? This feels like such a tiny thing. Do you see my error? (I tried putting all of Awake into Start but the issue persisted)

Fixed it…
For everybody that has the same problem:
Make sure your Slider.MaxValue has already been set to whatever it should have been before you set the Slider.value to something that will exeed its MaxValue.
My slider had been set to MaxValue = 60 in the start function, but by then, the needed value had already been loaded.
I fixed this by changing the MaxValue in the inspector from 1 to 60. It’s working now.