My maths & physics are super rusty, I need some advises before getting started

Hello Guys,

My maths & physics are super rusty, I'm pretty sure that the Unity3D will do many of the low level/tricky stuffs for me.

I'm wondering what are the maths and physics I would need to be able to write almost any type of games, where can I pick up those skills, any books to recommend ?

A basic understanding of Vectors such as finding angles and magnitudes is all you probably need for most games. (Bit of trig and geometry never hurt)

You can wing most of it by googling answers or looking at scripts others have done when you come across a problem. But generally when designing a game most of the required maths is for the engine, and that's already done for you.


Hey so you want some books for coding.

Well if youre just beginning to code in unty the first step is to check this little introduccion for unity:

It is the first topic

The when youre done with it I really recommend you checking this book:

Unity Game Development Essentials

When you finish getting some knowlege in scripting, check out some tutorials on youtube or on this page: