My ml agents stop running when user logout from windows 10


It is my first time to write for getting help my problem which makes me waste almost a day.
There is an agent built with Python 3.6 and Pytorch 1.4 and an environment for multiple elevators.

First of all, I build a very simple DQN agent and ran it through RDP(Windows 10 Remote Desktop).
The agent has not been trained after I exit the RDP. As soon as I enter RDP, it starts running again.
I thought it caused by a sleeping mode problem from Windows 10. But I checked all of the configurations a few times. And I tested a simple program and ended up knowing for my ML agent to stop running during the user is locked.

How can I solve this problem? I tried finding similar cases over the internet but I couldn't find any solution for it. Please help me and have a nice day !!!

We'll flag this for the team to have a look.

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