My openable drawer has a flaw... please halp

It works great! Walk over to it and apears “Press F to open” You press F and 2 drawers slide open, press F again and they shut, walk away and press F and nothing happens. However say you dont walk up to the drawer and you press F across the room; The drawers open. Yet this dont happen to my door that works perfectly? What am I doing wrong and I think it has to do with the fact I start the game missing a behavior script Dx I need a step by step on how to make my drawer a normal non telepathic drawer…
Heres a link to the screen caps with childish edits i made in 472.472847 seconds
NOTE: If i enter zone then walk away it works right but if i havnt entered zone yet it works telepathically! HALP

I think you have put the displaying of “Press F to open” text in the zone but you haven’t put the key down check in the zone.

This would be easier to answer if you’d show us how you display the text and how you check the key down.