My Particles effects are not showing up in my game

Hello! I’m relatively new to Unity and C# so any help would be great! I set up my code and have my particle effect ready but for some reason, it isn’t appearing in my game. I’m not sure if it’s my code or if it has something to do with my Particle System. It works when I hit play on my particle effect but it doesn’t work with the power up script. I was following a tutorial on youtube. When I touch my powerup it just destroys itself and doesn’t play the effect. (POWER UPS in Unity - YouTube)

Are you using a particle system with auto destroy?

Because if there is this type of script attached to your PS (particle system), that means that it will automatically be destroyed and won’t play.

If not, I can’t help you, sorry.

Make sure that you haven’t done a mistake when following the tutorial.

Are you sure you are instantiating the particle effect correctly?