My player figure falls down after load

I tried to find this error, but I was unsuccesfull. You can see on youtube video, that my character falls down after load.

To help you debug, try logging the Vector3 position on close so you can see what it says and then compare that with the load values, make sure they match.

Just looking at it though, what is this line of code doing when you have these:

           Vector3 tempPos = transform.position;
             //GameObject go = GameObject.Find("Player");
             tempPos.x = data.x;
             tempPos.y = data.y;
             tempPos.z = data.z;
             transform.position = new Vector3(data.x, data.y, data.z);

why do you have Vector3 tempos = transform.position, and then assing each x,y,z value based on it, then assign transform.position the values you just created based on it originally?