my player y axis value is constant and does not change .,my character is not changing position along y axis?

i started doing the project since i’m a beginner i took some help from online tutorials and all but my character is struck on y-axis, it can go on higher value of y but it does go back to 0 OR ground and stays in the air only .
Also For better understanding i’m giving the video link properly showning the issue, as you seee the video u can see the y-axis value is constant and it does go up when i climb the slope but does not resets to ground.
I hope to get some text

Yes, I have a rigid body attached to my player.

It’s because you are not applying gravity to your character. You are using a character controller, which is just a collider with an additional Move() method. Here some example code on how you’d implement gravity:

private CharacterController _Cc = null;
private float _Gravity = 9.81f;

private Vector3 _vel =;

void ApplyGravity()
        _vel.y -= _Gravity;
        if( !_Cc.isGrounded ) return;
        _vel.y = -_Gravity;

Good luck!