my prefab images dont appear in my scene view but are in my camera view

Hi All,
I am new to this unity thing and so I started out with the tutorials. I started with the nightmare shooter one. I downloaded/imported the assets. The first step(after setting up the layout) is to move the environment prefab to the hierarchy. When I do this it the image shows in the game window,but no image is showed in the scene window. If I click on elements in the hierarchy the wire frames show,but otherwise it is blank. Can somebody please help. Its kinda sad Im stuck at the start of a beginner tutorial. I am using version 4.6(as suggested by the tutorial).

You see nothing because your scene view is zoomed out (way out). Click in the Hierarchy on the object you want see. Hover your mouse over the Scene view and press the F key on your keyboard (F for “Focus”). The scene view camera will zoom in and move to focus on your object.

@MuttleyDog To fix the problem go to your main camera, at the top you should see a dropbox that says Layers. Click on it and check off everything cause right now I think you checked off nothing by accident that’s why you can’t see any of your prefabs/objects.