My project dissapeared

So im new to Unity, and I´ve been working on a project to help me get started, but i was editing a script when I changed to the Unity window again and suddenly evything dissapeared from the scene, even the Hierarchy dissapeared, and I can only see a grid I´ve never seen before.

If this is a view option, how can I return it to where i was?
Where did my Objects go?

I attach an image of what I can see now, hope it helps.


Help me please.

Are you still in the same scene? Try double-clicking on the First.unity file in the Scenes folder.

Your best bet is to either restart Unity (via the First.unity file), this will bring it back up in the Hierarchy view, if not, find it within the Project view (First.unity of course) and it’ll reload it back into project view. Make sure to save it before you close it, people have the tendency to not save then lose everything CoughsMeCoughs :wink:

Make sure to save your work on a regular basis and keep backups of it. :slight_smile:

After several tries I gave up and started to make the objects again u_u

My guess about what happend was that i was editing the code on the script while the game was running.

Anyway, thanks for your help, I aprecciate it.