My project won't open after installing Vulkan graphics in project settings

Hello. I work at 2020.1.12f1 unity version for Linux and in order for one asset to work, I had to put vulkan graphics in the project settings. After that, in order to apply the new settings, the project itself began to reboot, after which my computer completely froze, so I had to make an emergency shutdown. Now my project won’t open at all. It crashes during startup at the “find available build targets” stage.

Has anyone had this problem? Is it possible to fix it? I have already deleted the library folder, packages and this asset, but it doesn’t help. Any help is appreciated


This might be a little too late but for who ever else gets this issue. It can be resolved by removing the ProjectSettings folder inside your project folder - and then launching the app again.

You would need to update your project settings once in the app though.