My projects don't open!

I am new on game making/developing and I don’t know if I do something wrong but i open Unity Editor and I make a new project, when I click to open it, it loads something and after that nothing… I can see from the Task Manager that the unity.exe is running and i cannot end that task exept if i restart my pc. I am using Unity 5.0.1f1 (64-bit) and Windows 7 professional. No idea what is the problem and how i can go to editor. Please help a newbie.

well i just downloaded Unity 4 and when i double click the program to open, it gets me to the starting icon and after that nothing

Its happened 4-5 days ago. My project after apptempting to load it just hangs out on Task Manager. Other projects opens normally. No crashes was, nothing mystirical/ Just closed project? Shot down PC,next day BOOM! Yet for days Im searching solution to this @thing@ but still nothing.
Even Bug Report was sent, but Im afraid they dont answer to Personal ver. users.

Good luck guys to slove this.
And please share if enyone be able to do it.

I maybe is happened that :confused: