My rig legs dont work?

I just added a body to my XR rig for my unity VR game so i rigged it and i wanted to add a walking animation but when the rig walks the feet do not move just rotate and i am using leg targets with an ik rig do you think thats the problem? Let me know.

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I think animation and IKs are overlapping each others and can’t work together.
If you want to keep your IK, you will need to animate your IK targets instead of your character.
If you want a specific leg animation, it’s better to disable your IK legs during the animation. There is usually a Weight slider on IK rigs if you need to disable it for a moment.

It sounds like your issue might be related to the leg targets in your IK rig. Check if they are set up correctly for walking animation, as the feet should both rotate and move during walking. Adjusting the leg targets or exploring other IK settings could help resolve the problem.