My RPC gets called, but doesn't do the math before it

So… I’m doing a script for onDeath. here’s some variable definitions:

  • newestID = highest number connection that attacked the ownerID

  • ownerID = the 1001 multiple of the user (body mesh)

  • swordID = the 1004 multiple of the user (-3 to find the 1001 ID)

  • winnerID = the 1001 multiple of the user who did the most damage to ownerID

    private void success(){

             			for(int check = 1; check<newestID; check+=1000)
             			Debug.Log ("winnerID:"+winnerID);
             			swordW.particleSystem.renderer.enabled = false;
             			player.renderer.enabled = false;
             			swordS.renderer.enabled = false;
             			swordW.renderer.enabled = false;
             			swordW.collider.enabled = false;
             			sheildW.renderer.enabled = false;
             			sheilds.renderer.enabled = false;


All the enabled = false are working just fine… its the for statement I just cannot get to work. Any ideas?

all the ownLog, winnerID etc are public… after having tried private

Seems like the RPC simply wouldn’t do any loops