My Scene Gizmo is not showing

I have Unity 3.1 free. I just installed it and when I open it to use, the Scene Gizmo shows flat black. It works when I click it, but as soon as it animates to change the view, it becomes a black square and gets odd at sight, and it's very difficult to work with that. Everything else is going well.

I have Windows XP SP3, and a nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200. I guess the video card is messing with something (already caused some trouble with Blender and "Metal Gear Solid 2" for PC), but I'm just guessing. It was working fine with Unity 3.0, but it turned black when I updated to 3.1. Any help?

If anyone happens to have a similar issue, try checking if you’re using ProBuilder, be sure to be in object mode, otherwise you won’t be able to use transform tools.