My scene has erased itself, I think

I have been building a world in unity for a few weeks now, saving and updating it regularly. But when I loaded up the world today all of my work has vanished completely, I have tried looking for the scene itself, but there is a new one in its place that is just empty. Is there any way to find a backup or something similar?

That was my first time in discussions lol XD will you see it? :thinking:

If it’s erased already… I doubt there’s a way to bring it back.
It’s been mentioned over and over in similar threads. If you work on something for weeks, it’s madness not to use some backup mechanism.
Instead of making and archiving a copy of the entire project, use some versioning tool. Git is probably the most popular and free industry standard. But any versioning tool will essentially do the same thing - create a sort of blockchain with only the changes to the previous version being recorded. That way, you can have a history of your project consisting of multiple changesets per day. Not only it serves as a backup, but it lets you share and merge the work between multiple developers and let you access the history, which is super handy when debugging - maybe you notice some bug that you know was not present in some older version, and you can quickly switch your project to the older version and see if the bug manifests there, revert changes from history (maybe you made some changes a week ago and want to restore the version from before two weeks, but only for some tiny part of your project).

TLDR use versioning, no matter what scale your project is