My script for insert a score is not working

I use a script attached to a UI.Button to run a php script in my server. It works fine when i use it for retrieve the scoreboard, but when i try to use into my insert script it just does no work.

Script to access the PHP insertion script:

public string url;
	public Text Nome;
	public Text Score;
	public void Run()
	public IEnumerator Gravar() 
		WWW www = new WWW(url+"?name='"+Nome.text+"'&score='"+Score.text+"'");
		Debug.Log (www.url);
		yield return www;

PHP insertion script:

    require_once 'app_config.php';
    $Nome = $_GET['name'];
    $Score = $_GET['score'];

    $query = 'insert into score(score.Nome, score.Score) values('.$Nome.','.$Score.')';
 $result = mysql_query($query) or die ('ERRO : ' .mysql_error());

And the PHP script is working, because when i get the url that the console gives me and run it on a browser it work just fine. I can’t figure out why its not working in unity.

I’ve found the problem, its not on the scripts i’ve showed. i was using loadlevel immediately after i use the yield www, not giving time for the yield work because it was destroyed in the middle of the process