My scripts won’t open

I’ve been using unity for a while now but I am still a beginner. Recently when I open a new c# script, or one I’ve previously made, visual studios will open, and then immediately close, but still be present in the bar on the bottom. When I open it back up, the workspace is empty. No monobehavior or lines or anything . Im not sure what the problem is or how to fix this but anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated, thank you,

This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for but ill just add my experience with a similar issue.

I started a project on an alpha version of the engine, and for some reason visual studios didn’t like that.
I would double click my scripts and it would not load them, i would have to right click on them and select open c# project.
I since moved to both Atom instead of visual studios, and am now back on a stable version of the engine.

I would say try restarting pc, right clicking open c# project, make sure the external tools are setup correctly and check if you’re on a stable release version of the engine.

Again sorry if this is no help.
Best of luck.