My scroll view always scrolls to the bottom automatically.

I have a panel which appears on button click - this works fine. Inside the panel, I have a scroll rect and scroll bar - this also works fine! However, when I click the button to open the panel, the scroll bar automatically scrolls to the bottom of the text! This is a really frustrating error which I really cannot figure out how to fix, could someone please help me?

You may have scaled this GameObject, just like some scale animations. Just disable scrollRect, when it was scaled, and recover it after scale. It works for me.

Does the RectTransform on your content or viewport have the Y pivot at 1? Fiddle with those and see if that makes a difference

Try this; if it doesn’t work make your instanting method a coroutine, yield one frame after instantiating and then set the scrollbars’ value to 1.

It felt inconsistent while testing for me too though, so you might wanna submit a bug report if you don’t find any duplicates :slight_smile: