My server restarts after I manually quit the application, I don't understand why.

I'm trying Multiplay and I'm facing a weird behaviour : I'm listening to the event MultiplayEventCallbacks.Deallocate, and in the callback I close the server by calling Application.Quit(). To trigger that, I deallocate the test allocation.

The server closes correctly, but Multiplay will then restarts it and I don't understand why it happens. In the "Events" section of the server, I have this message : "Binary exited with code 0, restarting server".

When the app returns a code 0, it means that it properly terminated, and the documentation states that Multiplay will deallocated the slot, etc. (

Am I doing something wrong ?

Bumping the thread !

I'm still facing this issue, I don't know what do to.

It also happens when i remove the allocation, using the REST API ( The request proceed and the allocation is removed, but the server still restart, and don't understand why.

Same issue!!