MY SHADOWS & LIGHT ARE GONE (Only Deferred works) πŸ™πŸ½

:melting_face: Something strange happened to me:

When I tried to correct the Baked Map on my scene and Cleared Baked Data

But before that maybe the Fog Volume 3 plugin somehow corrected the lighting in the project or fixed the shaders, because I imported it (But I dont know what to change back). Very strange but now my lighting works only in Rendering Path - Deferred. And shadows do not appear at all, no matter how I tried.

On all lighting is Shadow Type - Hard Shadows and on all objects Cast Shadows is enabled as well as Recieve Shadows

I attach a photo of how the scene looks like and the settings of lighting and the project

And this is in Every Scene i’ve tried even new One. I tried to understand on a clean project what the problem is, but all the settings I tried are the same. Except that the camera in standard mode now does not render light and shadows. It’s like there’s some Baked Maps information left somewhere and it’s using them. Please help solve this problem, I have not been able to move forward for a couple days now.

I need everything to work in standard mode. I don’t need baked maps, Realtime is fine. Any ideas?