My sprite from sprite.create looks pixelated.

When I use sprite.create with a www.texture from a png and view it at runtime it looks pixelated.
This is how it looks like in the inspector when created:

This is how it’s supposed to look:

Strangely it looks normal on a project testing animations, but when I moved the code to the project for the actual game, it results in how the first image looks like. But I don’t see anything that might be the cause for this difference.
Here’s the code for creating the sprite:

WWW www = new WWW(s);
Texture2D texture = www.texture;
texture.filterMode = FilterMode.Point;
Sprite sprite = Sprite.Create(texture, new Rect(0.0F, 0.0F, texture.width, texture.height), new 
Vector2(0.5F, 0.5F), 32F);

So how do I make it not look pixelated?

Correct Answer: Go to your project’s Quality Settings (Edit/Project Settings/Quality) and change the ‘Texture Quality’ to ‘Full Res’.

Original Answer: One thing that might be causing this, you’re not setting a pixelsPerUnit in the Sprite.Create call, so it’s defaulting to 100 pixels per unit, is that what you want?