My sprite keeps falling through my ground

Whenever I run the game in the editor my character is fine and doesn’t fall through the ground but whenever I build the game my character falls through the ground. I decided to put it on development build to see if it was a blatant issue but the only error I get is

Sprite outline generation failed - could not read texture pixel data. Did you forget to make the texture readable?

I have no idea how to resolve this issue, if anybody knows how please do let me know.

Have you try use RigidBody and set the gravity to 0?

I have found out the solution for this, if you select your sprites in the project and go over to the inspector under advanced there is an option called Read/Write enabled and by doing this it works, I think it has something to do with Tilemap colliders only.

friendly reminder to make sure your using a 2d collider on the ground. i made a cube and the sprite kept falling through until i changed its collider to a 2d one