my sql + photon server( my cloud)


I have a big question about Photon Server vs Photon Cloud.

I like the ideea of Photon Cloud and the fact that it’s easy to implement with the unity3d SDK.
I’ve been looking on forums and all the documentation and as i’ve understood, you can’t unite Photon Cloud with a mySQL database without a “www” system.

After long searchings i’ve downloaded to my Photon Server SDK (after a lot of tutorials) and i’ve found out that you can make aplications and a custom server from zero.

But i observed that this “Photon server” comes with a “my cloud” option, which mimics perfectly what the people from Exit Games have.

My question is:

If I can make this Photon Server to use te “cloud” system but also to add a database for user logins, plus other tables → Items, stats, character types, talents, etc.

Thank you in advance ,

Yes, you can use the Photon Server SDK and extend the “My Cloud” setup with login, accounts and anything you need.

The thing is: You need to host this modified software yourself for your gamers.
If all runs smoothly, this isn’t a big deal. You rent one or more machines with Windows and run Photon with your game logic and accounts on it.

As we couldn’t guarantee that your code doesn’t use all the bandwidth or performance, we can’t run it in the Cloud.