My string list is empty

I have this list

    //TODO: Put these lists in a separate method 
    public static List<string> task1Gesture = new List<string>(new[]

And this other list which will store the contents of the first list:
public static List selection = new List();

When the user presses a button this happens:

if (drawButon(btn_Next, "Next"))
	if (Cube_DemoPhase.task1Gesture.Count > 0)

		if (Cube_DemoPhase.task1Gesture.Count == 0)
			//TODO: Logic for next task goes here

		Cube_DemoPhase.randomIndex_task1 = Random.Range(0, Cube_DemoPhase.task1Gesture.Count - 1);

Then I am outputting my list information into this string array here:

string[] gestureOptions = {   Cube_DemoPhase.selection.ConvertToString(),

Then I call this array into the OnGUI() method

But for some reason my list shows up empty. Can anyone help me figure out the reason behind this? Thank you very much!!!

I figured it out:

//declare in my globals
string[] gestureOptions_task1 = Cube_DemoPhase.task1Gesture.ToArray();
//This goes into the update method
var gestures = new string[gestureOptions_task1.Length];

        for (var i = 0; i < gestures.Length; i++)
            gestures <em>= Cube_DemoPhase.index_task1*;*</em>

I also made sure that the second list where I was saving the data of the first list was also of the same variable type. So in my case I needed both lists to be strings.