My terrain seems to small to add a navmesh surface

I am building an AR application with a marker, my terrain is 1width, length and height, when I bake the nav mesh surface component nothing happen because the size of the terrain seems to small. When I increase to size to 100 for example this work.

Unfortunatly I am working with an Vuforia AR marker that I can’t increase or I will lose the true size of the map.

So my question is : Is there a minimum terrain size to use a navMeshSurface ? What are my other options ?

Thanks for reading ! :slight_smile:

On NavmeshSurface Advanced settings section, you should override minimum region area, tile size, and voxel size, it is more or less a trial and error process to find correct values. But you can start making them by 100x smaller and work your way out to the correct values. Also, Do not forget that you also need to adjust Navmesh agent radius sizes too.

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Thanks for yor answer, indeed the advanced settings help to adjust the project, but even with the most optimised settings, the map is too small, I used a taller map with a 10w/l/h, it work far better.

The more the terrain or GO are small the less accuracy we have.

I put the vuforia marker size at 1, instead of the really 0.1 true size, it work fine with my map.

in a case that even smallest values for navmesh settings are not enough for you, you can always simulate a larger (and invisible) map, and remap the necessary data to your actual map.
For example, let’s assume your real map is 1 square meter in size.
You can duplicate your map, and scale it x100. bake a navmesh surface for the scaled version of the map. Make all necessary calculations (paths, wayfinding, etc.) and at the end downscale the result, and apply it on to your real map. I know this is a hacky way to solve this problem but still may be helpfull