My text is moved with the player object,my text is moving with ball in the roll a ball game

Hi everyone, I’m very new at Unity. When I try to add the text follow the roll a ball tutorial, my text is move with the player object instead of fixed at the upper left corner. Can anyone please tell me how to resolve it? Appreciate a lot!

I’d propably need more explanation. A picture or two perhaps?

So far I understand that you texts doesn’t stick to the top left corner of your viewing screen, instead moves around with the player? That could be from many reasons, from not assigning the texts parents properly, or trouble with the camera. Need some more clarification.
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Give some more examples. A picture or two.



The problem is that the canvas is attached to the camera. To make text stay in place you need to change Canvas render mode to World Space in canvas properties. The text will stay in place, hovewer it will not rotate towards the camera.