my textmesh fonts aint work

which font i used , they never worked.

when i select a font for textmesh , textmesh cant show anything. if i select "none" , i get the string with a bad font. :S

It's easy to assume that textmesh fonts suck. They kind of do. Basically because they're not what you'd think they are. They're not really a mesh of a font. They're a mesh that holds a texture with some of the fonts letters printed on that texture... then it tries to find the letters in question and print them on a simple set of individual meshes for each letter.

They're actually incredibly wonderful things, for things you've not yet imagined. Things that will require you to understand how they work.

I wish I could point you to a brilliant expose on how they work, but there isn't one. I wish someone would write something clever and concise on how they work, that for sure won't be me. I'm neither clever nor concise. Ever.

So in the meantime you'll have to settle for knowing this: and hopefully following along:

Text mesh NEEDS you to set the texture and Font material manually. Even though it's got a dynamic mode. Don't use the dynamic mode. It seems flukey at best, fraught with trouble on average, and broken at worst.