My texture has huge amounts of banding on the android tablet

I am making an Android game on the tablet and have hit a problem. My game uses a 3d plane with a texture applied to it and when I deploy to the device i have all of these different bands of varying colors from the gradient texture. Almost all of my textures are gradients in the .png format and all of them are being chopped up. I tried a couple approaches and still i have this problem.

  1. I turned on True color instead of 16 bit compression in the texture import window. On the pc, it looked like it change but it still is choppy on the tablet

  2. I set the settings from good to fantastic on the tablet and i still have the bands. Also I turned the AA up and the AA off and still i have the bands(A forum post said the AA being off could be a bug)

  3. I used PNG files instead of JPG files and I used the right shaders and I still have the issue

  4. I turned it to tri linear instead of bi linear

  5. I played with the Ansio level and I also put the texture into advanced mode and switched it to the highest quality compression for override.

I have ran out of ideas in which to make my gradient not have these bands. They are very apparent and look very bad.

What should I do to eliminate these? The artist who is making these textures is using photoshop and can export to psd if that would help


[Edit]-Or do tablets and phones not process gradients? The image in photoshop looks fine but when I even open the attachment on the test tablet i have a problem.

Other than avoiding 16 bit compression, there’s a setting in the Player Settings called Use 32-bit Display Buffer

Enabling this value should give you the best results on Android.

Cheers :wink:

Try these settings on each image. seems to do the trick.