My Tile Palette becomes a grey mess

Heya! I’ve been trying to create a new Tile Palette for my 2D game, but each time I go to drag my sliced sprite into tge new palette, it ends up looking like an awful, distorted, grey mess of texture. I’ve been googling around for answares, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. If anyone knows what’s wrong, or what I’m doing wrong, I’d appriciate all the help or tips I could get!

I have this problem too

anyone find the answer,any answer?

This issue occurred for me in in Unity version 2018.3.14f1 and resolved when I upgraded to Unity version 2018.4.8f1 LTS.

Deleting my library or reimporting the project did not resolve any issues, and there were no changes to my project files. Upgrading project to later Unity version was the only solution.