My unity was crashed by using ClientRpc,what was happened?……

I have a 【List Order】 on client
I want to transmit 【Order】to all the other clients and run a function for it.
so I call a [ClientCallback] function(order) to run the [Command] function(order) on the server in order to transmit the 【Order】 to the server
and after that,I called a [ClientRpc] function RpcsetenemyOrderG(order) in [Command] so that i could transmit 【Order】 and run the function on the other clients.

but actually……my unity was crashed……what’s wrong with my code?……

Hey @BakaCat,

I too am experiencing this issue, but I believe yours is because of the parameter of a List.

Instead of attempting to pass the list, Create a new SyncVar for a type of SyncListString which can be shown in the docs here:

By calling the Add() function on the server, it is added on the client.

Hope this helps!