My upgrade from Personal to Unity Plus not working can someone help?.

Whenever I open Unity it opens in personal mode, even when I select the organization associated with my plus account. To do this I select new project and select the appropriate choice from the ‘Organisation’ drop down.

I have entered the licence more than once and it says " a licence is already associated with your account." I also have a fully paid subscription. I am the owner of the of the organization under members and groups section. I have attached two pdfs part 1 and 2 with screen captures for more clarity.93870-unitquestion-part-2.pdf (427 KB)

I have encountered this as well and have found a solution to this. Start any random project of yours or create a new one. In the taskbar with (File, Edit, Assets, etc.) you should see a HELP dropdown menu. Go hover over that and click on Manage License… (Help>Manage License…). Then, you should see a button that says Activate New License. Click on that and select the plus option. Then enter your serial number in and click next. You should have activated Unity Plus now. Hope this helps :).