My Voice Chat Script Don't work

Hi, i’d like make a voice chat script for my online fps game but i don’t have any ideas how can i make it
i searched in this site and found some solutions but it didn’t work.
(Multiplayer Voice Chat? - Unity Answers)
my code :

#pragma strict

function Start () {
InvokeRepeating ("OnConnectedToServer", 1, 1);
InvokeRepeating ("PlayMicrophone", 1, 1);


function Update () {

function PlayMicrophone()
     audio.clip = Microphone.Start("", true, 100, 44100);
         audio.loop = true;
         while (!(Microphone.GetPosition("") > 0)){}
 function OnConnectedToServer()
 networkView.RPC("PlayMicrophone", RPCMode.Others);

1.Add a Audio Source to your camera
select the camera AddComponent>Audio>Audio Source

2.Add a Network View
AddComponent>Miscellaneous>Network View