my wasd keys are moving the wrong way

my keys are moving in a different directions
d and a is up and down
w and s are left and right
Can someone help me with the issues?

This can be a number of things. Read the whole answer and then see what works

  • Is your camera facing the right way
  • Is your object facing the right way.
    Sometimes even the object itself could be built the wrong way around in a 3D editor for Unitys standards
  • You can check Input Managerby going to Edit-Project Manager - Input
  • Check how your object reacts to input it could be as simple as switching the input around

This would be in psuedo code switching

If(key down A)
Minus on y


If(key down on A)
Plus on y

90 percent of the time the last two points are the problem.
If the camera is the wrong way around, though make sure it’s fixed or it could come against you in other code. I can’t think of anything else at the moment if I do I’ll add it in. Let me know if this works.

it was just the camera rotated out of place thanks for your assistance