My Weapon Looks So Fake!

why my weapon Loos So Fake?
i’m trying to make the gun just like in the right side. but my weapon looks so fake.
is the wrong from martial? or Light??
please give me advice!

It’s all about practice. Your model contains common mistakes for beginners:
too much geometry instead of normal map, plain box unwrapping all over the place,
instead of one good uvw, texture is simple drag’n’drop tiling, instead of one good
diffuse map (handmade, man!), also no spec, refl.cubemap. And even if you will base
improved model on this geometry, learn that there are little, or no hard edges on
real world stuff. Chamfer edges, that will be seen closely by the player.
I wish you good luck, learn,learn,learn. (and don’t be lazy).

I think it’s the model. The BF3 (is it?) one is really well textured, with detail in just the right places and no out-of-place sharp edges. Your model relies mostly on geometry for detail, with many sharp edges. Unfortunately it’s just not as nice. More work could improve it.

The main reason is that you are trying to emulate a professional million-bucks production. Besides that, in your project you have no camera filters, wich improves the visual considerably. Plus the model needs more work.

In steps of improvement.

  1. add a normal map
  2. List item
  3. Add a specular Map
  4. Use a higher resoloution texture
  5. Use some more area lights
  6. Add some blur / bokeh. This helps more than you might imagine.

I am not a coder, But if you are not sure about any of these steps then I could happily help.