My wheelcolliders make me bounce and throw the car of the track

My car has wheelcolliders under it, but it keeps bouncing arround and lifting of as soon as it turns. I have also set a modified center of mass component in the car to possibly fix it, but that was a no go either. Is anyone else facing this problem? And do I need to change something in the code of wheelcollider itselfs? And can someone explain what the settings mean so i can adjust them for other cars? Thanks in regards

WheelColliders require more setup than the Unity docs tell you.

First, follow the Unity tutorial to make the basic car (I guess you already did this): Unity - Manual: Create a vehicle with Wheel Colliders

Then, read an implement this so your car behaves more like a real car:

For the jitter, mess with this function: Unity - Scripting API: WheelCollider.ConfigureVehicleSubsteps

I’m not sure exactly what each parameter does, but I removed all the jitter setting something like: 1, 12 and 15

The different friction values are still a mistery to me, and if you do some research you’ll find noone actually knows how to use them properly (not even Unity devs, wheel colliders are implemented in the PhysX physics engine). For a game I’m making I wanted to avoid any slip on any direction and the magic numbers for me where: 1 in every value, except for “Sideway friction” stiffness, with a 5.