Myo+Unity How to make a pointer?

I’m a newbie who developing a Myo application using Unity.
I want to add a pointer to my program but I do not know how to do that. (Making it myself by using gyroscope and accelerometer is exhausted)
Please tell me how to use other functions of the Myo beside in the sample project “Box On A Stick” such as myo.getRoll(), myo.controlMouse(enabled), myo.keyboard().
Thanks in advance.

The functions you list are convenience functions provided by the Myo Script environment, and not part of Unity. In particular, you don’t need either getRoll() (since you can already get the Euler angles from the Myo object’s Quaternion), or keyboard(), since you can just build the logic directly into your game to do things in response to Myo events.

A simple cursor implementation would be to project the orientation of your Myo object into the plane of your UI.

Also, if you don’t understand Quaternions, I’d recommend this guide for further reading: