MySQL Funktionen Hilfe

Yo !! I’m new in MySQL and i want to do something.
In my game i’m calculating the EXP and the level from the complete EXP. But i want to calculate the Stats depending from the Level in my Database. I know there are functions and procedures. but i don’t know what syntax to use i don’t even know how i can get changes of variables or variables in general…

in short i need an SQL code where i can catch the change of a variable and change other variables from different tables with a specified formula… i just need a dummy code so i can see what to do.

i hope you can help this would be really awesome !!

PS: I’m using MySQL if this is important.

If I understand you correctly, you want the MySQL server to tell all clients when a value changes in a table.

This was a big problem on a business application I was working on last year. My MySQL isn’t great, but as I understand it there is no real way to push changes from the database like that.

Your best bet is to have an intermediate Unity server that pushes changes to clients, and occasionally polls the database where necessary.

This is more work to implement, but actually acts as a form of load balancing and will make your game far more scalable. Furthermore, it may potentially act as an extra layer of security.