Mystery CAM in Prefab?

I have a FBX prefab which contains numerous objects… including 4 cameras. The 4 cameras are disabled and all have postions viewing the hero object.

Now when I select the prefab object… a mystery camera is displayed with the prefab. The mystery camera seems to be positioned at 0,0,0. I can’t find this mystery object and I can’t delete it. (See attached image).

Any ideas how to get rid of the Mystery CAM?


OK… I found out what the Mystery CAM is.

This FBX prefab has been working fine for a long time. But for some reason, the FBX prefab has become wacked. Something happened to it… I don’t know what.

One of the sub-objects of the FBX prefab is rotated 90 degrees and now has a Camera component added to it. This camera component is the Mystery CAM.

There is another sub-object which is basically the same as this problem sub-object… the components on the other sub-object should be identical to the problem sub-object. But when comparing the two… two components are missing from the problem sub-object and two other components (that sould not be there) have been added… camera and animation.

Somehow this prefab has become wacked. I wish there was an easy way to un-wack it.