Mystery crashing in Windows Standalone Build w/ no Crash Log

Unity Version: 2018.3.0f2
Running Windows 7

I’ve been chipping away at a 2d project for a couple months now.
Since we’re approaching being ready to release a demo, I tried to build a WIndows Standalone to check out if everything was watertight.
The splash screens play fine, the main menu loads fine, but as soon as I try to open the scene with the actual game, it crashes every single time.

No warnings, no notices, just a box that briefly appears with the game’s icon and a red “!”
The editor has no problem doing this transition, and there aren’t even any advisories, let alone error warnings.

Additionally, I can’t find any kind of debug.log, error.log,crash.log, etc in the game folder, the game_data folder, the Appdata/Local folder, or the Appdata/LocalLow folder.

I’m less looking to solve the crashing right away, and more just looking to find out WHY
So, any advice on debugging my standalone build would be greatly appreciated.

Same here. It happens when scenes are (re-)loaded, but only after several times, not the first time. Also using streamreader operations to load data at start.
Did you already manage to solve this?

Make sure you have KB3063858 or KB4457144