N2H network tutorial 3 question

Hey everyone,

This is the tutorial I'm talking about. It's really good! but I'm struggling to understand one particular bit.

There's a script called spawnscript, and in the first lines we have:

function OnServerInitialized(){
    //Spawn a player for the server itself

function OnPlayerConnected(newPlayer: NetworkPlayer) {
    //A player connected to me(the server)!

function Spawnplayer(newPlayer : NetworkPlayer){
    //Called on the server only

and it goes on to spawn the 'player', since this is executed only on the server, the player is always owned by the server, so creating an authoritative server. My question is: why is this last function called on the server only?

Nevermind! :P I was making a confusion with the "OnPlayerConnected" and "OnConnectedToServer" functions. They are executed at the same time, but on different machines. The first is executed only on the server and the second is executed on the client.