N64 Vibe

Yo! I've been working on/practicing textures and basic modeling (ProBuilder) recently. What I'm going for is that retro 64 feel, not a 1:1 creation. I've been thinking about throwing together a couple packs with different themes. That includes textures, low poly models, maybe some effects? Would people be interested in something like that? Advice is freely and happily taken as I'm still basic in this.

(In-game screenshot is using filtering and low resolution)

8130338--1054688--Showcase.PNG 8130338--1054691--CaptureTREE.PNG 8130338--1054697--CaptureHOUUUSE.PNG

A LOT of work needs done still, but I'm pretty happy with how certain things are starting to look.
8141729--1057016--bandicam 2022-05-18 22-21-59-664.jpg 8141729--1057019--bandicam 2022-05-18 22-21-16-370.jpg 8141729--1057022--bandicam 2022-05-18 22-21-46-863.jpg

Working more on background textures today.8144624--1057562--bandicam 2022-05-20 18-28-23-189.jpg

Most textures for the Cascades are complete. Now I've been just making prefabs and modules for easy building.
8177375--1064756--bandicam 2022-06-02 18-24-33-534.jpg

8179949--1065308--bandicam 2022-06-03 20-55-51-982.jpg

It's probably worth looking into and recreating the 3 point texture filtering that N64 had. IMO it's a big part of the look.


Thanks for letting me know! The most recent screenshot is in HD and real lighting just to show off how the textures look. I think what I’m creating is less-so “N64” now and more-so of a nostalgic look, if that makes sense? The newer post is also the only one that shows what I’ve made with no reference.

I do plan on filtering all the textures though to make them not so pixelated.

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[quote=“KiwiBerry”, post:7, topic: 881704]
I think what I’m creating is less-so “N64” now and more-so of a nostalgic look, if that makes sense?
It’s like the guys who made Shovel Knight said: make it look like how everyone remembers it looking, not how it actually looked. I’m paraphrasing here, since I don’t remember the exact quote.It was in response to how they worked hard to give their game a NES look and feel but they intentionally over-looked some of the original’s limitations.

I feel like you’d have to be a hard-core retro game aficionado to say “Hm, that filtering just doesn’t have the N64 look.”