name@anim naming convention... am I doing it right?

I have exported a non-animated model into FBX format, named “creature.” In the same folder, I have exported numerous FBX animation files, named “creature@anim1”, “creature@anim2”, etc.

Unity doesn’t seem to be correlating these files together automatically. If I bring “creature” into the scene, give him an animation component, and manually hook up the animation clips from each FBX, the animations play fine, so I know the export is working correctly. What’s going on?

That should be ok. Are you sure that:

  • You actually have a model called just “creature”?
  • You have the animations in the same folder as the actual model?
  • You reimported the creature after you added the animation files.

Unity will only “look” for animations when the actual model is imported. So try a reimport (just select the “creature” file, right-click and press reimport).